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We are seeking to raise $50,000 to renivate our Coronado High School weight room. Ther current equipment and flooring is over 20 years old and has limited function and is in disrepair. This space will serve ALL student-athletes and physical education students for years to come!
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$12,330 Raised since April 29, 2018

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  • Elizabeth Weisbrod donated - via Kurt Hines
  • The Porter Family donated "Go Islanders!"
  • clifton Dillehay donated
  • Mary L Gatschet donated "New, safe equipment for Islanders! Heck yeah!" - via Nico DiMatteo
  • Edie McCormack donated - via Nico DiMatteo
  • Bridget Dineen Carlson donated
  • tandee scott donated "So excited for this program!!!! Thanks Coach Hines. A special shout-out to our favorite FB player - Grant McMillen." - via Kurt Hines
  • Cole Harrison donated - via Kurt Hines
  • Mike Costaglio donated
  • Kel Casey donated - via Kurt Hines
  • The Shanks Family donated "Go Islanders!! "
  • Christopher Farley donated "GO ISLANDERS!! "
  • deborah hilinski donated
  • Peter Olson donated
  • Sarah Olson donated
  • Alan Wing donated
  • Miller Family donated
  • The Shoemaker Family donated "All the best to John and Will for a great season! Go Islanders! "
  • Nancy White donated
  • Amanda Kilfoil donated "Water Polo Player - Emma Kilfoil"
  • Erin Everett donated "Our family is so excited to be part of the program! "
  • Edmond Weisbrod donated "Go Islanders!"
  • Terrance C Leary donated "GO ISLANDERS"
  • Sean Cunningham donated
  • Steven Tonkin donated
  • James Beauchaine donated "Best of luck in reaching the goal! You are doing great things for kids!" - via Kurt Hines
  • Lisa Wastila donated "I'm with Mayor Bailey's campaign! Thank you Mayor and Go Islanders!"
  • Stephen Halsey donated "Get strong, Stay strong!" - via Kurt Hines
  • Denise Andreozzi donated
  • Lakeside Equipment Sales & Rentals donated "I get burgers and get to make a politician do pullups! Truthfully Kurt Hines is AWESOME and it's my pleasure to help" - via Kurt Hines

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